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15 Elegant African Wedding Dresses For Brides And Grooms



Among the most beautiful things Africa is known for is her dress sense especially when we talk of the colourful African wedding dresses. A wonderful continent that boasts of divergent cultures, Africa prides in her remarkable fashion styles that are continuously being embraced by western cultures.


Ever attended an African wedding? Oh boy, you would have the most memorable moments of your life. If you don’t, later on, find yourself talking about the foods (yes, we also have the best foods, especially here in Nigeria), you will most likely find the exquisite sight of an African traditional wedding mind-blowing. Not kidding. Africa is beautiful.

But African Wedding Dresses are more beautiful. They come in various forms of fabric: laces, Atiku, Ankara, dashiki, aso oke, kente and a host of others.


Why People Love African Wedding Dresses

know the ceremony we celebrate the most in Africa?

Wait for it…


Bingo! Weddings.

The African culture is filled with pomp and pageantry on almost every celebration. Naming ceremonies come with drums and dances and elegant attire; same with coronation; same with graduation; same with the celebration of job promotion.


Call us the happiest people on earth and you will be hitting the nail on the bed.

And weddings? Yup! That’s the chief of our celebrations, and dressing on that day is one to remember centuries to come.


So the African wedding dresses are not only classy they are one of the best sites to behold. Let’s just say that you cannot attend the African wedding whether as a guest of the bride or groom without being stung by the bee of inspiration for fashion ideas. If you’re now a tailor, you will have been inspired with nearly 99 brilliant fashion ideas before leaving the wedding scene.  Isn’t that lovely?

Now that you know that Africans love weddings so much, let’s now have a look at the 15 elegant African wedding dresses of all time.


The 15 Graceful African Wedding Dresses You Will Really Adore

Next, you’re going to enjoy having a look at our careful selection of some of the most priceless African wedding dresses ever.

Let’s go there!


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1. Blue Agbada/Iro & Buba Style

This is magnificent – the classic well-embroidered agbada for the groom and the iro and buba for the bride is lovely. Imagine rocking this beautiful clothes at your wedding: the wonderful feeling of pride on your special day, the admiration on the faces of your esteemed guests.


You can rock this with accessories like a pair of glasses and nice beads to match.

african wedding dresses

2. Wine African Wedding Style.

When you talk of the best fashion, you can’t but talk about Africans from various walks of life. From movie celebrities to media personalities to politicians, Nigerian and African men and women of timber and calibre, grand fashion styles in the form of African wedding dresses are pleasing to the eyes. And when you rock them at your wedding, the feeling is awesome.


Wedding design

3. The Embroidered Silver Agbada Style

Just take a look at this classic agbada style and tell us what is more befitting an African wedding. The African wedding dresses are not only unique, but they are also a reflection of the beautiful culture of the most fashionable people on earth.

african wedding dresses

4. Green African Wedding Design

Know why we love attending African weddings? Besides the yummy foods and the adorable African cultural heritage on display, you also get to relish the trending African wedding dresses adorned by the brides and grooms as well as their guests. In most African weddings, the guests are often clad in uniformed colourful attire called the aso ebi. This too is an aspect of the wedding you would also find interesting.


African wedding clothing

5. Epic African Traditional Wedding Style

This is simply amazing. Imagine the feeling of rocking this beautiful African style at your wedding. It’s cool, it’s trendy and so wearing it comes with satisfaction. It’s a unique design.

african wedding dresses

6. Green Aso Oke Style 

There is something unique about the colour green especially when it comes to fashion. It comes out unique and classy and gives you a feel of elegance. This green agbada and iro and buba style is one of the most remarkable African wedding dresses.


wedding style

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Other Designs of the African Wedding Styles

Below are other clothing ideas for your wedding. Best rocked with cool, not-too-flashy accessories.


7. White-Green Design

african wedding dresses

8. Lilac Purple Aso Oke Style

wedding dresses

9. Brown-Red Combination Style

African dress style

10. Royal Blue Native Style

african wedding dresses

11. Yellow-Gold Wedding Style

African wedding clothing

12. White-Pink Wedding Style

Best African design

13. White Lace Wedding Style

African white lace

14. Light Brown Native Design

african wedding dresses

15. Cool White Lace Style

african dressing style

Cool Accessories for the African Wedding Dresses

The African wedding dress styles are great adornments for classic weddings. With cool adornments such as nice neck beads, lovely handbags to match, beautiful African caps and headgears, you can have a feel of respected kings and queens on the throne.

Wrapping Up

Weddings are remarkable events no one wants to forget in a hurry. Apart from being the day you marry the love of your life, it is often regarded in Africa as one joyous moment you set forth on a journey of bringing an addition into the world population. As an African wedding, the occasion isn’t complete without seeing the bride and groom looking stunning in their African wedding dresses.


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