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2023: Ladoja States What Tinubu Will Do As Nigeria’s President 



Rashidi Ladoja, the former governor of Oyo State, has stated that his very good brother and colleague in Lagos, Bola Tinubu, would manage Nigeria better than it is now if he is elected.

Apart from being competent to run Nigeria, Osi Olubadan disclosed yesterday that [quote]… “look at what he has transformed Lagos into.” But you’re only interested in that one.


What about another faction, led by some Northerners, who are suddenly claiming to want Osinbajo?Anyone can campaign for votes, but we should focus on who is best qualified to lead the country. We should all be delighted that it’s going to the South if it’s coming to the South.

Maybe we’ll be able to prevent what’s occurring in the North from happening in the South, i.e., it’s dangerous to travel to any school in the North right now because you never know when terrorists will strike, kidnap the students, and demand ransom.

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We have numerous issues in the country, and I am confident that the issues in the north are worse than those in the south.

We may not be used to it here, but they are over there. The farmer-herder dispute is the only issue we’re familiar with here. Rather than the government seeing it as a serious issue, it isn’t. We are on the verge of another civil war because the warning indicators are present.


What do you think will happen if the people of Benue and Akwa Ibom decide they’ve had enough and move to protect and defend themselves from attacks?

They claim that people causing the problem are not from Nigeria, that they have spread from The Gambia to Cameroon, and that they do not have any UN-recognized territory.

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This is why we’re wondering if the federal government isn’t involved in the problem.

In the north, people are free to move; in the south, particularly in the south-west, they are not free to travel. The northern borders are all open; the southern borders, with the exception of the Seme border, are not.


And when people complain about our borders being opened, they merely open them for Dangote and BUA to export their cement. Whereas, in most cases, cement in Benin Republic is even cheaper than in Nigeria.

So, who’s deceiving whom? These are the issues that arise, which is why I stated that this is not the Nigeria we want; a situation in which one individual is treated better than the rest. The government is meant to treat us all equally.

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It is unclear what people who are running in 2023 are searching for. They stated Bola Tinubu wants to be president; I told you that people in the north are also asking Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to run. Why should the vice-presidential election be decided by the people of the north?

Do they see someone they can employ in him? He hasn’t stated whether or not he intends to run.
Tinubu may not have spoken so, but his role in the enthronement of the man in that position is well known. People were chanting against the Muslim-Muslim ticket at the time, I recall. He might have become vice-president by now. So it’s only natural that Bola would want to give it a try.”