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2baba Once Accused Me Of Sleeping With Annie – Brymo



Brymo, a Nigerian musician, claims that 2Baba accused him of sleeping with his wife Annie Idibia in the past.

Annie had been having marital problems with 2Baba, who had previously called him out for spending time with one of his baby mothers.


Brymo, on the other hand, detailed his previously undisclosed feud with the crooner in a lengthy Twitter thread Sunday night.

I’ve been waiting with bated breath after a man unjustly accused me of sleeping with his wife.
The remarks could never be taken back. Efforts were made on a regular basis to show that I could still do it. And my spirit has never known true tranquillity,” Brymo stated.


“Mr Innocent Idibia had elbowed me 4-5 times in a supposed greeting during an AFRIMA press conference in 2015/16 or thereabouts, while looking away and repeating ‘Brymo, Brymo.’
That day, we didn’t say anything else!

“In 2012, I was given the opportunity to tour the United States with his company, which was a fantastic opportunity because he was by far my most respected act. He was my go-to guy for everything, and boy! Did I aspire to be like him?


Fast forward to a few years ago, when he reached me for a feature and asked me to join him on a track.
I was hesitant to contemplate it at first since I didn’t understand why he did what he did during the press conference years ago.

“I was convinced to meet! I’d spent the previous week or so with his wife, a female friend of theirs and my girlfriend, and my partner herself. Mrs Idibia had inquired about my professional prospects.


“I regarded the inquiry as a deft strike. My response was a prediction of my future! I went on to say that I’ll be Africa’s greatest living act and that I’ll rule for a decade. I knew I’d hit it out of the park with my retort!”

“It could be sensible of him to avoid interacting with things and people near to me, in my household areas, and in the realm of survival. I’ve been carrying these feelings for months. It’s not amusing. This is insane!”


2Baba and Annie had not responded to the charges as of the time of publishing.



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