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3 Critical Factors You Need To Consider Before Jumping Into Any Relationship



1. You Must Understand Yourself

Let’s assume you adore yourself. Please clap for me! But, if I may inquire, how do you love something about which you have no knowledge? Isn’t that a little far-fetched? That is all there is to it. So, tell me about yourself.


A beautiful woman with a “figure eight” body form and brilliant eyeballs capable of hypnotizing a man?

A dashing young man with a commanding physique and a bank account the size of a huge plump hen?


Knowing yourself, on the other hand, extends beyond outward appearance, which some individuals have used to gauge their happiness or melancholy.

If others think she isn’t attractive, she begins to believe she isn’t deserving of the best mate, and she is willing to settle for any man who comes her way. That’s blunder – I’ll say it again: that’s blunder!


And the moment he realizes that people in society don’t want to deal with him, he retreats into his own cocoon of defeat, never intending to emerge. Hey, Mr Man, that’s ridiculous – and I’ll say it again!

Knowing yourself has nothing to do with your current financial situation, physical appearance, social class, or anything else visible to the naked eye; it has everything to do with your life, passion, career, ambition, faith, commitment, objectives, plans, and VISION.


Not just anyone can come your way if you can see where you’re going in life.

Don’t limit yourself, dear. Okay? Don’t be satisfied with less. Don’t let a lack of self-esteem keep you from realizing your full potential. You’re fantastic. You’re capable of so much more. Never allow your social standing cloud your judgment of your future ambition’s underlying vigor. Make a start on your life. Is it a promise? Give yourself a pat on the back.


Here’s a little more…

You’ll see your future in him or her if you know yourself. Isn’t that simple?


It doesn’t matter if your admirer adores you and would willingly jump from a building or swim the world’s deepest oceans for you. It’s nothing that they want to share their spirit, soul, and body with you.

The more important aspect is that you must know if you love them; you must see yourself in them as a possible partner. You must be able to look him in the eyes and find a resemblance to your future spouse in him as a lady. And, as a man, you must see your future wife in her when you look at her.


Hey! I didn’t expect you to jump at it right away on the first date. Don’t immediately grab them on the first expedition because your emotions can play a role.

Allow enough time for you to envision yourself with them in the near future. But… Wait!


Without first recognizing your future, how will you see a prospective spouse in them? How do you tell if someone will be good enough to fit into a future you haven’t seen? Isn’t that unreasonable?

2. You Must Adore Yourself


So, what exactly is love? Cover your face and go to sleep if you don’t know how to respond to that inquiry. Wake up after seventy hours of sleep and slap yourself seventy-seven times. Yes! Smiles… That’s a joke, of course. Normally, in order to love yourself, you must first understand yourself. Self-awareness is the first step toward self-love. Let’s move on from where we left off in the first point. Love, after all, is relative, which means there is no one-size-fits-all concept of love. To one person, love may imply sentiments, while to another, it may imply an action – but don’t be fooled! The following definitions should be helpful in terms of relationships: *Love is the combination of “feelings and deeds” to attain a goal. *Love is defined as “selfless services” directed toward a certain aim.

You should be able to tell from those simple definitions that saying “you love someone because you have feelings for him/her” is futile. Do you have any idea why? It’s because sentiments can fly away, but if your motivation for loving someone is related to a long-term objective, you’ll choose to look ahead in the face of difficulties.


You Must Adore the Other Person As well Because you must love the person who is attempting to court you, it is imperative that you recognize that it is more than those amusing sentiments you have for them. And loving oneself is enough if you have a positive outlook on the future. Do you like what you see when you close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future? Those lovely cities, for example…
Those beautiful children…

Those businesses? If you answered yes, you love yourself.


So, what’s next…?

3. He must love himself, and she must love herself.


Returning to the blind man’s example… Okay, the blind man has regained his sight and is now standing next to the driver’s vehicle. He suddenly realizes the car lacks a brake pedal. Looking closer, the headlight isn’t working, and the tyres are plainly worn; one is already leaking. What are your thoughts on the matter? I’m confident you won’t go on such an adventure with him. And I’m hoping that if the formerly blind man had gone on the journey before regaining his sight, he wouldn’t have noticed the car’s poor condition. As you can see, someone like that is unconcerned about dying. They don’t care if you join them on their devastation spree. That is not going to be your portion! Amen. It’s easy to figure out if your admirer adores himself (or herself)



Simply by looking at what he (or she) does, knows, keeps company with, their philosophy of life, manner of life, passion, character, and believe… Well, the list goes on and on. You must also learn what they believe about love and relationships. You should also know what qualities they are looking for in a future relationship. To figure out if they love themselves, you’ll need to ask a lot of questions.

Simply simply, if you don’t love yourself, you won’t love anyone else. He must be aware of his surroundings. She must be aware of his whereabouts. You must be aware of their capabilities. And you must know everything there is to know about them.



To determine if someone truly loves you, you must first understand what true love is. You must have personal experience with love. You must also comprehend love in terms other than feelings. You must be able to see your future mate in them when you look ahead. You must be able to see evidence that they adore themselves. If they don’t love themselves, you’ll detest being in any relationship with them, no matter how much they love you. To love another person, one must first love oneself.



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