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6 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong In Your Makeup Routine



We all enjoy looking good for the camera (and in real life). When our beauty routine begins to have an adverse effect on the quality of our skin or our health, we must become more conscious of the things we do in our makeup routine.



When applying makeup, there are a few things to keep in mind, and here are six of them.

1. You don’t wait for your foundation to dry before applying it.


When applying liquid foundation to your face, it’s vital to let it dry completely before applying concealer or any other product. You will not receive the desired quantity of coverage if you do not allow it to dry.

2. You go to bed with your makeup on.


Because cosmetics can be comedogenic, this is one of the worst things you can do to your skin.
When a beauty product is comedogenic, it has the potential to block pores and create pimples.
No matter how exhausted you are, make sure you wash your face thoroughly at night.



3. You don’t clean your make-up brushes on a regular basis.

If you have the best skincare routine but still develop acne, you should probably check into how you care for your makeup brushes. If you use your makeup brushes every day, you should wash them once a week to avoid germ spread.


4. You use cosmetics on a daily basis.

Allow time for your skin to breathe and restore itself. You put your skin at danger of having more acne if you apply cosmetics every day. It can also make your skin look drab and oily. Make sure you don’t wear makeup, or at least full coverage makeup, for a while.


5. You use out-of-date cosmetics

There’s a reason why cosmetics has an expiration date. If you’re utilizing a product that’s past its expiration date, please discontinue using it. This is extremely detrimental to your skin, and even if it may not appear to be so right now, it will eventually develop. Also, if you haven’t checked or don’t check the expiration date on your beauty product, you should. Make sure you verify your products when you buy them to avoid wasting money on a product that has expired.


6. You try an excessive number of products

If you’re trying out new items, space them out as much as possible. At any given time, do not test more than one complexion or skin product. This will allow you to determine whether or not your skin is in agreement with the product. If you test too many goods and they don’t function well together, you can have a reaction.



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