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7 Tips To Help You Gain Weight Naturally As A Woman



Not every woman wants to lose weight; some want to gain some muscle, and why not?

You are not making a mistake if you believe you will be more comfortable with a little extra skin on your body.


Here are several natural ways to gain weight.

1. Consume healthy fats and oils


Good oils with healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado, and almonds, are nutrient-dense while also being high in calories. Increasing body size is as simple as adding a drop of oil to your salad (yes, you read that correctly) or topping your meal with sliced avocado. If you’re eating porridge yam, for example, add some olive oil to make it creamier. A handful of cashew nuts or peanuts is a great alternative for a quick mid-afternoon snack.

2. Eat on a regular basis


You can get a continuous supply of calories by eating frequently throughout the day. Whether it’s a full dinner or a small snack, try to eat every 4 hours or so. If you don’t feel like eating, have a snack that includes protein and three distinct food groups. Rather than snacking in between larger meals, you can prepare 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day.

3. Indulge in calorie-dense beverages.


Even if you eat continuously throughout the day, you may not consume enough calories to gain weight.
You won’t feel as full if you get some of your calories in liquid form. In fact, you should avoid sodas because they are low in nutrients. Drink smoothies, liquid yogurt, or even fruit juice instead, which are all high in calories and minerals.

4. Don’t drink anything before you eat.


Water or any other liquid can help you feel full before you eat. Make sure you have enough room in your stomach for the calories you’ll need. Instead of drinking water before you eat, drink a calorie-dense beverage like fruit juice or a smoothie while you’re eating. That is more effective.

5. Consume foods that are calorie-dense.


While chips and cookies appear to be an easy method to gain weight, it is preferable to gain weight in a healthy manner. It is unhealthy to consume food that is high in empty calories. As you increase your calorie intake, stick to nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, fruits, and meat. Soda and other high-sugar foods should be avoided. One reason you should avoid these calories is that they won’t help you create muscle or bone, both of which are necessary for supporting your extra weights.

6. Do some physical activity


Lifting and weight training assist your body in gaining muscle mass, which is the ideal type of weight to gain. If you’re new to this type of exercise, take it carefully at first. As you progress, increase the weight and decrease the reps. Furthermore, exercise stimulates your appetite, causing you to eat more.
Swimming, biking, and doing modest push-ups are some other options.

7. Consume substantial meals


Make sure you eat at least three meals per day. Increase the size of your meals to help you consume more calories. You may have a habit of skipping breakfast and eating only two big meals per day, but making sure you consume three meals each day can help you gain weight. Eat smaller meals throughout the day if you can’t eat large meals because it irritates your stomach. Don’t forget to eat your meals.

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