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How to Save Time at Home



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Still on the series of how to safe time, we would be focusing on how to save at home.

As a father, mother and spouse, you need to dedicate enough time for family as they come first and should be on your top priority list.


For the work at home moms, here are many ways for you to minimise your work loads at home.

1) CONSOLIDATE YOUR ERRANDS : You can get all your errands done in just one day. Of you need to go for grocery shopping, just do it at once but making a list of all the things you we need for the home during the week. This strategy is much more efficient than leaving your house daily to restock the refrigerator. For you to save more time, it is best to run errands when you know many would not be at the stalls or more to avoid queuing. For me, I go to the bank twice in a month and whenever I go to the back I make sure I go early to beat the crowds.


2) DECLUTTER : When your home is cluttered and disorganized, you will spend so much time trying to clean up and arrange. Rather than daily cleaning, you can save time by decluttering some things. There are things that are not needed in your homes that needs to be thrown out.

3) CLEAN EVERYDAY : You can save enough time if you can clean a little daily. Do a menial work like wiping down the sink and counter as soon as you are done bathing, once you wake up from bed, tidy up the bed immediately, whenever you cook, make sure you clean the kitchen and wash the dishes immediately to avoid piled up utensils. Before I bath, I always make sure I clean the bathroom before taking my bath as this would prevent the bathroom from getting too dirty.


4) PREVENT WORK LOADS : Often times, the workloads we get can be curbed if we learn our to prevent them. The soles of our shoes  always bring in dirt to the house and we can prevent this if we remove our shoes before entering the house.

5) USE TECHNOLOGY TO SAVE TIME : Using the best technology can help you save loads of time. Most of your house chores can be reduce if you trust technology to give you the best best service. You can also employ the service of home delivery services to help you in grocery shopping or any other shopping you need.





6) KEEP YOUR KITCHEN ORGANIZED : When everything in your kitchen is well organised, it would save you time from being in disarray anytime you want to cook. You should have a cupboards where you put different food items and you can also attach a label to it to ease the workloads.

7) LEARN COOKING HACKS : You can cut down on your kitchen time by learning fast and easy way to do things. For example, you can save time by learning the fastest way to dice or chop your onions.


8) STREAMLINE : Whenever if you want to clean the rooms, rather than go back and forth trying to pick up items you will need to clean up while don’t you fill a bucket with all of the items you will need for cleaning. If you want to wash the clothes rather than go to a room, pick up the clothes and out in the washing machine while don’t you do it at once but picking out all of the clothes and taking them to the washing machine.

9) HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING : Don’t allow any item in your house to be laying around. Have a home for every single item in the house and ensure you return each item to it’s position when you are done.


10) SKIP CERTAIN RITUALS : There are times you need to take a day off from doing an habitual activity. You can skip watching TV or hanging out with friends to spend more time rejuvenating or with your kids.

Start applying the Time Saving Kitchen hacks in your home now, to help you save time and keep you organised.


If you can out all of the tips I have given you from work to morning and now home, you would have enough time to rest and party with friends and family.





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