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A Close Look At Lykos Gonna And Its Remarkable Growth In The Global Fashion Scene



Bryant Ugoing to Irele formed Lykos Gonna in 2017. There are several players in the fashion industry, each with their own beliefs, concepts, and often extravagant products.

Fashion seasons throughout the world have shown that nothing is ever too far-fetched, with everything from huge robots used by Philipp Plein to blood-infused ‘Satan Shoes’ born from a now-disbanded collaboration between rapper Lil Nas X and MSCHF.


However, as interesting as wild kinds of fashion are, there is also a desire for consistency and comfort.
Lykos Gonna is a high-end streetwear company based in Los Angeles, California, launched in 2017 by Bryant Ugoing to Irele.

Bryant’s brand name translates to ‘Legendary Ruler,’ which provides you some insight into some of the brand’s ideals.


Lykos Gonna is deeply steeped in the concept of tradition and continuity, focusing on storytelling and using fashion to recount age-old tales and historical facts in its own unique style.



The pursuit and accumulation of stories that make one a Legendary Ruler [Lykos Gonna]; we would have no plot of our own if it weren’t for the plots of others.

We exist as a symbol of that goal…a dream that began for us generations ago in West Africa.


The link to home remains unwavering for Bryant Ugoing to Irele and the entire Lykos Gonna team, and their biggest worry is keeping a consistent momentum while shutting out the noise and focused on the objective ahead.

The brand’s most recent offering, the Spring Summer (SS20) collection, is a wet dream for streetwear fans. Offering a wide range of premium gear such as hoodies, sweatsuits, trucker caps, tees, shorts, and more.


What began four years ago as the idea of a Nigerian immigrant has now evolved from his local neighborhood to a global brand with representatives, partners, and businesses dispersed across multiple continents.

Lykos Gonnext na’s move appears to be greater expansion, with Bryant recently hinting at “growing on our worldwide networks” during a recent press briefing.


He also discussed the brand’s future collection, which is set to debut in 2022, and if prior releases are any indication, Lykos Gonna is certain to dazzle admirers all around the world once more.



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