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Basic Advice & Tips For Successful Relationships



Here’s the deal: You can’t run a relationship only on your senses because your senses can be misleading.
But I’ve seen, known, and realized that if individuals just used the common sense that isn’t so common, many of the myriads of heartbreaks could be averted.

I am a devout Christian, and I believe you do have your religion as well. I believe in the Holy Spirit’s power and am well-versed in biblical relationship principles. Surprisingly, many religious people are unfamiliar with the alphabets of religion, let alone its syllabus. People who pretend to be religious but refuse to do things that are worthy of their religion (belief and faith); people who simply preach religion orally.

That, I believe, is also a question for you: I’m wondering if you merely practice religion with your mouth and not with your heart. If you answered yes, you are far from the truth… And a liar, to boot!


Lets take a look at the Common Sense Tips (Approach) for Successful Relationships

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What Are Some Common Sense Tips for Successful Romantic Relationships?


A Christian, for example, should not anticipate the Holy Spirit to advise them to go urinate, clean their teeth, defecate, or trim their hair.


Then you must follow the Common Sense Relationship Tips (Approach) for Success.

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1 . In a relationship, the first constant is change. It’s wonderful that you’ve found someone you adore and think is beautiful… However, everything you see in them today has limitations; don’t be surprised if the reason you want to die for your beloved today is the same reason you don’t want to see him/her tomorrow.

2. There is no such thing as an automatic partnership.

You must not stop working on your relationship if you want it to continue to work. The fact that your Lover satisfies all of your material, mental, and moral needs is no assurance that they will continue to be a good partner in a relationship. It’s one thing for them to have everything, and quite another for them to desire to put it all to good use in the relationship.

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3. Don’t rely solely on your emotions.

It’s depressing to observe that people nowadays start relationships based on sentiments. They simply leap because they believe they have a passionate emotion with the opposite sex, despite the fact that feelings do not last in partnerships!