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Belly-Concealing Outfits For Ladies with Big Belly



I was irritated by an unappealing sight in church on Sunday. Others may have thought that was fine, but based on my fashion sense, that specific sight was a no-no for me.

I’ll tell you what motivated me to write about appropriate attire for ladies with huge bellies: a lady in church was wearing a bodycon pink pencil skirt and a long-sleeved turtleneck blouse. You think it’s a good combination?


It was lovely until I realized she had her top tucked in and all the features of her stomach were protruding from her attire. Such body-hugging skirt and top may be ideal for highlighting one’s shape, however it didn’t work for her body type.

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It simply served to highlight her large stomach. And, these days, who cares about huge bellies if there are no babies inside? You guessed correctly — nobody or only a few.





Having a large stomach that isn’t caused by a pregnancy bulge can be aggravating, especially if you’ve never had a child. You get envious — or should I say terrified -when the flat stomach geng flaunt their asset, as much as you hate to acknowledge it.

You’ve tried working out, but it’s not for you; after all, consistency is a highly expensive commodity that not everyone can buy. You’ve also tried different colors of tea, but they don’t seem to work.
Also, you’ve been on a diet and it doesn’t even seem like your stomach is shrinking, so going for cosmetic surgery is out of the question because it hasn’t gotten to that point for you.

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Well, the truth is that you aren’t putting in as much effort as you should, and you are aware of this, don’t you? So, instead of whining about how you don’t like your huge tummy or tucking it in every time you take a picture, why not just adjust and live with it for the time being?

I don’t mean you should go out and wear something that shouts to the public, “hey, look at me!
I have a large stomach. “Take care of it.”


I mean, you should wear clothes that flatter your body type, and the greatest place to start is with any of these outfits for girls with huge bellies.

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See other belly-concealing outfits below:





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