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BORNO : 30 Soldiers Killed In Fresh Boko Haram Attack



According to reliable sources, dozens of military forces on their route to Maiduguri yesterday were ambushed by alleged Boko Haram fighters belonging to the ISWAP group.

According to sources, the event occurred between Marte and Dikwa council areas, when terrorists launched rocket launchers at military trucks, resulting in scattered gunfire and the deaths of servicemen being transported from Marte Local Government Area to Maiduguri.


Marte, 180 kilometers north of Maiduguri, has remained one of Borno’s council areas that is not entirely occupied by civilians, with the majority of its residents fled and seeking safety in Monguno and sections of Maiduguri’s environs.

Initially, a trustworthy source told reporters that 16 soldiers were killed in the ambush, but another source told reporters this evening that “about 30 soldiers were slain, with others suffering gunshot injuries.”


“What happened to the forces along the Marte-Dikwa axis was disastrous, signaling that eliminating terrorists is not a feasible goal. Passes were issued to those troops who had served for a long time and wanted to visit their families or loved ones.

“Unfortunately, while traveling from Marte to Maiduguri, they were ambushed by suspected armed ISWAP, who fired Rocket Launchers at the trucks transporting them, killing about 30 soldiers and leaving others missing in action.” According to a reliable source.


At press time, all attempts to obtain confirmation from the Police Public Relations Officer had failed, and the military spokesman’s department had yet to publish a statement on the situation.

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