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Causes of Weight Loss




Every living things always has weight. It doesn’t depend on your size how obeism you are or how skinny you are it doesn’t portrait your weight. Though somehow how you look shows how weigh you are but this is not applicable in case. Weight loss simply means losing out your weight. You weigh 70kg before but now you are 50kg this is weight loss and this is not good to your health status. Here are some causes of weight loss :


1. Diabetics :- Diabetics has two stages which are stage 1and stage 2. Weight loss can be caused by stage 1 diabetics. This stage is caused by constant urination. Human cell consist of illusion and illusion use make glucose to be used as energy. Stage 1 diabetics attack blood cell which attack the illusion in cell and glucose will not be store as energy. Kidney extract urine from ilusin but stage 1 diabetics doesn’t extract energy again but only extract urine this make frequent urine and this causes weight loss and most especially glucose will not serve as energy but will be extracts urine this make all the weight been gain from glucose wipe off. Type 1 diabetes also causes:

  • frequent urination
  • dehydration
  • Weight loss
  • Frequent thirst
  • Frequent hunger

This can be treated by Monitoring the sugar level and maintain the consumption of glucose ( such as rice, bread , minerals e.t.c)



2.) Depression :-  Depressionmeans feel sad, lost or feeling empty. You might feel depressed for couple of week or days when you lost something or someone important to you. Depression affect your daily activities cause of lack of concertation this is applicable to your body system as well as your brain. Depression affects brain which controls your appetite. When you feel depressed you won’t even think of eating because the brain that control appetite is not working effectively this makes you not to feel hungry at all and it is well known that when you don’t eat you will surely lose your weight.  To some people, depression may increase appetite. The symptoms vary from person to person this depend on your body system.  Some likely symptoms  depression include:

  • Frequent sadness
  • Losing interest in their hobbies
  • Mini energy (low energy)
  • Lack of  concentration
  • Too much sleeping or sleeping just little
  • Irritation.

This can be solved by visiting  therapist and behavioral counseling.

3.) Hyperthyroidism :-  this comes up when the overactive thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone in the body system. This hormone controls metabolism in human bod. If this hormone happens to generated you burn calories in which no matter how appetite you are you will surely reduce on weight. No matter how you consume you will practically lose weight. This can be causes by other below listed ;

  • Graves’ disease
  • thyroiditis
  • eating too much iodine
  • taking too much thyroid medicine.

Hyperthyroidism includes some other symptoms listed below;

  • fast, irregular heart rate
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • tremors of hand (hand shaking
  • light periods in women (or irregular menstruation)

Hyperthyroidism medications depends on the age factor and also can be treated with anti-thyroid medications, radioactive iodine,  or eventually medical surgery.

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