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Crazy ways to deal with a low self esteem friend



Crazy ways to deal with a low self esteem friend

Low self esteem isn’t something that people are simply born with. People build up insecurities along the way due to various circumstances. From being called names as a kid to being shamed as a teenager; there’s usually a trail of events leading back to their sense of low self-worth. Later, having multiple failed relationships as a grownup doesn’t help much either for it only fuels their insecurities.

While most others often tend to dismiss people with low self esteem by claiming they have issues (followed with the most casual shrug of shoulders) before changing the subject, it is essential to realize that it’s a real thing. Yes, they have issues and those issues need to be dealt with rather than being dismissed. Especially if this is a friend or partner you’re dealing with. Hence, we’ve put together a few ways of dealing with people with low self esteem because, friend or acquaintance, everyone deserves kindness.

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