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Crossdresser, James Brown apologizes, after sharing controversial video of his male lover



Nigerian popular cross-dresser, James Brown Obialor has tendered apology to the general public, following a controversial video of himself and the male lover, who surprised him with some gifts.

Mr Brown stated in his apology that “the intention of his video was for entertainment purposes”, adding that he understands some lines may have been crossed in a bid to entertain his fans.


James also claimed that the whole scenario was mainly for publicity stunt, for entertainment purposes, but he’s endearingly apologizing and never going to put out such controversial post again.

Watch video below.


His statement read: “To the general public, we would like to address the issue of a message misconstruction on our client’s part.

“A few days ago, our client James Brown posted a video where he said he got flowers from an admirer who had been talking to him for a while now.


“Subsequently, our client has posted videos of himself being treated to lunch, receiving gifts and other packages from the said admirer whom our client has tagged PAPITO.

“Although these videos have made rounds across channels, pages, different pages, however, due to the conversation going around on social media, we understand that the message has been misconstrued.


“We would like to state that the intention was for entertainment purposes just as every other influencers do on the gram. But, we understand that some lines may have been crossed in the videos posted by our client in his bid to entertain his fans.

“Hence, why we sincerely apologise to the general public and would like to state that the whole thing is a public stunt just for entertainment purposes. Once more, we apologize and would ensure to be careful not to put out content you may find misleading.”


Recall on Friday, January 14, the crossdresser had gone on Instagram to show off flowers and gifts he claims were sent by a male admirer.

He also showed himself being treated to a romantic date by the admirer whom he was later pictured with.


His videos generated outrage and people called for him to be apprehended since homosexuality is still outlawed in Nigeria.