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Dancer Kaffy opens up on divorce from husband, Joseph Ameh (video)



Nigerian popular dancer, choreographer, and fitness coach, Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, professionally known as Kaffy has opened up on divorce from husband, Joseph Ameh.

Kaffy talked about this during a Podcast session, where she granted interview to speak up about a recent split from the husband.


She didn’t clearly mention reason for the divorce, even though she expressed her gratitude to her ex-husband for the wonderful time they had together during their marriage.

Speaking about her ex-husband, Joseph, the dancer said, “I’ve always wanted to see my ex in the best version of him.”


Talking about the reason they broke up, Kaffy added, “And even taking a chance of breaking off this marriage was also to see that we both grew in what we really are supposed to be”.

Kaffy explained that her marriage didn’t work out the way she wanted it, but that doesn’t give her room to start reacting to the problem, because, sometimes, the person complaining might be the problem.


“Marriage is supposed to be an alignment, of destiny, that’s, for couple to drive to a place God wants for them. And mine really didn’t work out that way. And rather than looking at someone as the problem, sometimes, you could be the problem of that person. You know, being an enabler, of someone not being able to do what they’re supposed to do can also be that you’re not supposed to be in that space,” she stated.

Advising her supporters and disclosing lessons she learnt from the marriage, Kaffy urged everyone to understand that life isn’t all about reacting to the world, and everything happening inside of it.


“So, there was a lot to learn and there are still a lot to learn. And I want to express that and motivate you to understand that life is not all about reacting to the world.

“It’s not all about reacting to the world, what the world want, what the world want you to hear, want you to be, want you to look like, want you to marry,” Kaffy advised.


Watch video below.

Kaffy was married to Joseph Ameh, who happens to be music producer, director and drummer. Mr Ameh has worked for Nigerian music duo P-Square. The couple were blessed with two children, Sean Oluwatosin Joseph Ameh, and Eliana Ameh.


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