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Elegant Native Wears For Nigerian Men



Nigeria is endowed with a variety of fascinating civilizations, each with its own set of clothing.
Some of these traditional outfits have become so popular that they may be worn to any occasion, but others are ideally worn to traditional weddings or any cultural celebration.

There are native wears for men and women among the many Nigerian traditional attires, however this article primarily concentrates on the ones for males.





Agbada is a Nigerian traditional attire that comprises an open-stitched flowing robe with wide sleeves, a long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of trousers (Sokoto). It is a three-piece attire. The Agbada which is among the native wears for Nigerian men is usually decorated with embroidery in traditional patterns. It is known by various names in different languages. In Yoruba it is called Agbada, in Hausa it is called Babban Riga, Darra’a in Arabic and Mbubb in Wolof.

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The Niger Deltan equivalent of the English suit is the Woko suit. Depending on the wearer’s style, the sleeves might be long or short. They are typically worn with a four-chained brooch or Niger Delta studs or buttons, with the fourth button containing a pin that is fastened to the dress’s shirt.
A pocket filler can be placed in the shirt’s pocket for cosmetic purposes.


This gives Woko a more distinct and complete appearance, especially when paired with an English hat and a walking stick.




Dashiki is a Yoruba word that refers to a loose-fitting pullover with an intricate V-shaped collar and embroidered neck and sleevelines. It is a Hausa term that means “shirt” or “inner garment.”
Dashiki is a brightly colored garment that covers the upper half of the body. Dashiki has gained global traction as people of many ethnicities and tribes, musicians, and celebrities dress elegantly in it.

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Isi Agu literally means Lion’s head in Igbo. It is a shirt (long or short-sleeved) made with the fabric with the lion’s head prints. Isi Agu is similar to Dashiki only that it usually has gold buttons and a breast pocket.



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