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Evangelist Kent condemns Gospel singer, Chidinma Ekile outfits after giving her life to Christ



Popular Facebook Evangelist, Victor Eket, has condemned newly converted gospel singer, Chidinma Ekile, for still maintaining her fashion styles after leaving the secular world.

The controversial evangelist criticised her for still living in the old life despite her claims that she is now dedicated to Christ.



Singer, Chidinma Ekile is now a Gospel Singer


He stated that though she claims to be born again, she still dresses almost like the way she used to dress while in the world. He stated that once a person gives his life to Chris, everything about him or her changes totally.

According to Eket, a female Christian is not supposed to put on trouser, wear weavons and wigs, fix nails and lashes, wear earrings and make up etc. He emphasized that all of those vain things comes from Satan.


He wrote:

WHEN a Person becomes Born Again everything about that Person Changes, both Inwardly and Outwardly, The way he or she Walks, Speaks, Dresses will Change automatically.


This Girl, Chidinma Claims to be Born Again but she still Dresses while in the World. The way you Dress in the World shouldn’t be the same way you should Dress in the Lord, There MUST be a Change if you have truly encountered the Lord. You can’t be Born Again and still Wear Make up, Earrings, Eyelash, False Nails, Weavon, Attachment, Rings and Trouser. Those things are from Satan and it is of the world”.

In other news, Chidinma Ekile who recently quit the secular music world has embraced her new calling as a gospel singer. The singer stated that her cinvrrsion wss ordained by God. She revealed that her new found career came as a prophecy, and she couldn’t resist it as she knew she was going to get to that new phase.


The singer urged her fans to look out for the move of God in her songs and the blessings that would come from listening to her songs as she is doing the work which her father had called her into.

She went in to speak about how rough her oaths as been as she had to go through a whole lot of submission, prayer, and fellowship with God. She further revealed that this was the best time for her to hearken to His voice and step into it.  She reiterated that she is finally into the Gospel world to do music and to do God’s work.



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