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Femi Adesina Finally Replies Nnamdi Kanu On Buhari Being ‘Jubril Of Sudan’



The Presidency has refuted assertions made by Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), that President Muhammadu Buhari is Sudan’s Jubril.

According to Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, claiming that the president is dead and has been replaced by Jubril from Sudan is “idiocy.”



This was revealed by Adesina in his most recent piece, headlined ‘The Essential Buhari: VP Osinbajo got it!’ He recalls how Buhari recognized him following his return from a medical stay abroad in 2017.



“I recall that day in August 2017, when the President finally returned to the country after his medical vacation,” the story begins. He’d been in and out a few times since January of that year, but he’d spent weeks and months outside, looking to his health. Finally, on August 19, he joyfully returned home.



“We were waiting for him at the airport. I’ve told the story several times to dispel the myth that it was a certain Jibril of Sudan who returned, rather than Buhari.


The daughter of the last Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Gabriel Olonisakin, was marrying. And I was dressed in full Yoruba traditional garb of Agbada and a matching headgear for both the church service and the reception. I went straight to the airport after the ceremony to join the President’s welcome party.



“We, the President’s main advisers, were in line to greet him as he descended from the aircraft.” And, as is his wont, he shook hands with everyone, cracking one or two wisecracks along the way. “Adesina, this is the finest I’ve seen you dressed,” he said as he approached me. We both burst out laughing.



“Sudan’s Jibril?” How did he figure out I was Adesina? How would he know what I usually wore?
Idiocy, I say once more. But that’s just a diversion; that’s not the story I’d like to share to support the topic at hand.”

Kanu speculated on Buhari’s death in 2017, following the president’s medical visit to London. He stated that after Buhari died, he was cloned and replaced with Jubril Al-Sudan.



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