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FG retirement proposal for health workers



The Federal Government has proposed a new retirement programme for health workers in the country.

Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour, disclosed this while speaking at a  meeting with the Presidential Committe on Salaries (PSC), relevant federal government stakeholders, health sector professional associations, and trade unions on Tuesday, May 11.



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He said that federal government is proposing to increase the retirement age for doctors from 60 to 65, and 79 for health workers and consultants in the country.

He said:


“We have taken their prooosal. The government side will firm up it’s own proposal and we are recovering June 1, so that we can have an agreed hazard allowance for health workers in Nigeria.

We also discussed the issue if retirement age for health workers, being that we want to keep our health workers here in Nigeria


A lot of people are coming here to peach and take away people we have trained at very great cost

It takes a lot of funds to train a medical doctor, nurse or even a laboratory technologist or physiotherapist. So we want to retain then here.


We are making progress. The Health workers are happy and we in the government side are happy also. We need them to keep our health system alive.

Nobody in government is opposed to the proposal. It is a proposal that is realistic. It is a proposal, that we all agreed to last year when COVID 19 erupted.


Remember that we were even calling back people who are retired. We delayed retirement age by six months for health workers so that we can fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is not yet over, who knows what will happen tomorrow. We are not praying for only pandemic but we have to be battle ready at allbtines, health wise”