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Find my mother and my husband in bed 15 minutes before wedding.



What is your next reaction when you find your mother and your husband in bed 15 minutes before wedding.

This is a very shocking part for me. A day i will never forget and forgive my mother.


After 7 years of searching for husband, i prayed day and night ask for forgiveness if it could be my sin. I fasted 3 times a week cry all day along  And at last my prayer was answered by God.
I happened to met a man when  i went to bank i was there to deposit some certain amount  to my account  so i was with two pen a black and a blue pen.
There come a man asking for pen so i  lend him one out of my pen. So it happened I forgot  the pen a month after i went to the bank to make a deposit  again and i again met this man. He came after I’m  done depositing and apologized for making me forgotten my pen.
“That’s nothing  though” so i said and he asked of my name and my contact, i gave him and i left.

Though  i didn’t know he was a filthy  rich man with more than 5000 men working under him. He always called me and we gist, make funs, take me out for lunch and dinner and never ask for sex this made me believe he truly love me. He later made a proposal putting a ring inside a car modeled “Lexus 380”. Latest Lexus  car  then putting the two in an huge box in his compound .  On that faithful  day i was at work so he called me to meet him at his house telling me he’s  really sick.


He knew  how much i love him and know i will come very quick 20 minutes after I’m done with my work i get to his house, opening  the gate in saw him and a lot of people and i was shocked  so i look very worried that why does have to lie to me. He led me to the huge  box and i opened  it “WHAT A WOW” i replied. Very shortly  we  plan marrying  each other and choose  a weeding  date. Introduction was successful  so i noticed after the introduction  my man start this unknown attitude, sometime i don’t receive his call throughout week nevertheless i always call him and strictly  speak but when we meet he gives excuse. So when planned  a wedding  and its getting  successful.

I was at the dressing  room but i wasn’t comfortable i was very curious to see my husband cause i missed  him alot so i pretended  i wanted to visit the toilet i secretly  plan to go to his room  unfortunately the door was open so i barged into his room. What i saw was really shocking  my mother of all people so i fainted the wedding  was canceled and after i regained my consciousness i realized  my mom eloped with this man. I really  want to kill my mom, my mom of all people. I later realized the man was an armed  robber just telling  me false truth that he is a businessman. My mother was arrested with this stupid man for murder, stealing and fraudulent. Isn’t that a great reward for my shocking  mom?. Daily scoop

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