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Gov. Fayemi Urges FG To Use Corps Members To Fight Boko Haram, Others Who Can’t Fight Should Work Without Pay



Dr Kayode Fayemi, Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), has stated that the country’s security condition necessitates a joint effort to address.

Fayemi remarked at an event in Ibadan that the country’s current predicament did not deserve blame politics and opportunistic opposition, but that “it is time to develop a nation and not squander it away.”


According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Fayemi stated that Nigeria needs patriotic statesmen and women, not rumor mongers, ethnic crisis entrepreneurs, and provincial individuals with little minds who see everything through the lens of ethnic and religious conspiracy.

According to him, one method to stem the present wave of insecurity is to recruit a big number of people to join the police and military, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.


He pointed out that amending the law establishing the Nation Youth Service Corps was one of the cheapest and quickest ways to deal with this (NYSC).

The Governor indicated that under a specific arrangement that would be worked up, the existing orientation camps can be used to train willing and able graduates to reflate the security staff.


He stated that corps members who are unable to join the military services can serve in their community for free.

“According to existing figures, we require a minimum of 200,000 soldiers to increase the fighting power of our men.”


“This is a huge amount that might lead to a financial and logistical catastrophe, but we can’t wait any longer.”

“The ungoverned zones needed to be promptly closed down by motivated men with a single goal of saving the nation.”


This brings us to the second concern, which is the financing and arming of big recruiting.

“We can use the existing orientation camps to train motivated and capable graduates to reflate security personnel under a specific arrangement that will be worked out.”


“In this approach, the budget that is currently allocated to the NYSC can be used with only a little amount of additional funding, which could be generated from a national emergency fund for the next five to ten years.”

“Those who are unable to join the military services can serve in their community without pay if the NYSC is to be retained for everyone.”


“Those who volunteer to serve will receive a separate diploma and medal of honor, as well as priority for military, paramilitary, and civil or public service recruiting after service.”

“We also need to stimulate investment in actual areas that can involve people and reduce unemployment, which is a big source of insecurity,” said the NGF chairman.


Fayemi, on the other hand, expressed confidence that, while the situation appears helpless, the security situation would improve significantly sooner rather than later, and Nigeria will emerge stronger from this period of national suffering.



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