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Open grazing is un Islamic – Governor Masari backs Southern Governors




The Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari, has backed Southern Governors’ decision to ban open grazing in their states.


The Governor described the actions of the Governors as “un Islamic”.

President Buhari questions the legality of Southern Governors decision banning open grazing





He made this revelation ahead of preparations to mark second year of his second term in office, Masari said infrastructure on livestock farming should be provided in States for ranching as against open grazing.

He said:


“This is something we have to do through development, provide necessary infrastructure that will make the herders not to move. Why should herders from Katsina move?

The herders’ movement is essentially in search of two things : water and fodder. Od we can provide these two items why should they move?


This roaming about I don’t think. For us it’s un-islamic and is not the best. It is part of the problem we are having today. I don’t support that we should continue with the way open grazing is “.

While speaking on devolution of power through restructuring, he said :


“I support devolution totally, the Federal government is trying. But the states need to have resource to implement what should have been implemented by the Federal Government.

If today the States will support the Police, the Police system will go up. If the states withdraw their support to security agencies, they won’t be able to move from here to here.


So, I absolutely support devolution in totality. So as a Government of Katsina, we should be allowed by the Constitution, within the Constitution to decide on many things that are peculiar to us.

The Federal Government should have a benchmark and people should not operate beyond this mark. Lagos State is generating up to N4bn and something billion, while Katsina is just generating N2bn.


I expect with proper restructuring, states should own the reflective of what they earns from within their State”.


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