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Here’s how to propose to your crush without him or her declining



Here’s how to propose to your crush without him or her declining.



Every day, you wake up in the morning and you just know that this it. He is the one. And it is time. But you keep thinking how to propose a boy of your dreams. Girl, you could go down on your knees, a rose in your hand, wearing your favorite LBD, and make it as dramatic as it gets. Or you could read this article!



If your gut feeling says that he is as interested in you as you are, nothing should be holding you back from proposing the guy.



Sheena says she was best friends with Nick (name changed) and they were dating other people. But, being best buddies since childhood, they shared a comfort level and all their secrets. “I was going through a painful breakup and I was crying on his shoulders. He was single then and he just said in jest, ‘I will not find a date till you start dating again. You will need my shoulders more often and I am sure my girlfriend wouldn’t like that.’ “