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English adage says “Health is wealth”. Your health status should be what comes your mind every day and every time .

  1. Make your health your precedence : If you are not fit and healthy then you can never be efficient with your professions, social and personal life. Even when there’s money to take what ever you want it will not be possible. It makes life goes hard on you.You will not be able to enjoy any of your accomplishment.
    2.Execute your plan on your meals : Make time table for food, you dont just take food anyhow you like, we have 6 classes of food dont just focus on carbohydrate and proteinious food. Make sure your plan for meal consists of Vitamin such as fruits, minerals. Dont make last minute decision on what you want to eat this made you definitely end up eating unhealthy food. To remain fit and healthy you should eat healthy food. It is best to plan your meals in advance to avoid a last-minute descion food. .
  2. Exclude bad habits : Avoid all the bad habits you have which are harmful to your health. If you are addicted to smoking or drinking of alcohols then you must have to avoid it in order remain fit and healthy. Bad habit also includes eating too much. According to health fitness “Any subatance you take in excess will surely damege your health” now matter how healthy the food is.
  3. Make sure to exercise : Exercise helps in strengthen up muscles. While exercising your telling your muscoe this is not you weaken point this your strength. When you exercise even at your late age you still find easy to make some excluded moves which us the result of the exercise been done. If you don’t have one second to exercise then find ways to exercise in your daily routine of labor . You make use stairs case instead of using elevator. You can stand up instead of you sitting down. They are many ways you can exercise your self on a daily basis. There are some place which are treckable instead of budding a bike or taxi.
    5..Make your leisure activities equivalent to exercising : instead of going to an Tantilzer, Chicken republic or restaurant. When you are in group you can go for sports outings like football Basket ball, lawn tennis, Base ball or cricket or any other sport. Whatever activity you select to try to to in your leisurel time, attempt to make that activity like exercising your muscles.
    7.Regular health checkup : No matter how busy you are or your schedule, you must give enough attention to your health. Schedule a regular visit to a doctor in order to know your current health status and how you can improve it.
    8.Hygienic environment : Making your environment clean. An healthy environment is an hygienic strenght. Air is the basic necessity in life. Without adequate fresh air and lightweight , you’ll not feel good and can be an irritated mood. When you surrounding are not hygienic enough you might end up inhaling gaseous substance that can probably damage your health.
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