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How to get yourself ready for your online first date



How to get yourself ready for your online first date

Don’t  you belive you can date online?. Yes you can A lot of social media are there to date such as Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and a lot more. But how are you ready to meet the person for the first time. Here are the tips to get yourself prepared for the online first date ;


1.) Make sure you plan for something  interactive not unexpected : meeting at the bars or a coffe drink as become rampant in a first date because it is less spending and very easy to meet people. But you can make a unique meeting  by meeting at an unexpected  place such as taking a long walk with a coffe, viting an aquarium or meeting at a cinema. This are unique places but you need to make it interactive. Taking  a long walk with  coffe you chat each other, ask each other question about themselves.  But listen, dont choose a place that can ruin your date. Such as choosing a freaky zombine zone, or choosing a paint class or probably a museum.  This does not make any sense choosing a place to date.

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2.) Guarantee Your security : Do you know ” stranger is danger “. Though he/she might not be harmful but dont have the midset he/she is not harmful but instead plan before you move an inch you should tell a friend, neighbor or your family member where you are heading to and as well as whom you want to meet. Tell them his/her name, probaly complexion and if at all you know the height amd what he/she looks like  them as well to guarentee your security and don’t choose  a far distance for your first date online. Choosing a far location from your friend or family  memeber for you first date might be very dangerous.

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3.) Share your thought been open mided : Meeting for your  forst date you will have an expectation right?. But this doesn’t  tell you not to open your thought. It is easier to be open mided when you’ve not meet each other faciall cause practically is like talking to your screen but this is not enough. When you meet each other share the same thought you have when you’ve not meet facially to make him/her be sure this is whom you really are. Share the thought how you want the rationship to move on, your expectations, what you expect from the relationship, what you love and dislike.

4.) Making  your conversation simple : During your first date they are some topic you don’t  need to speak on no matter how you’ve discuss it online before meeting each other. Family  affairs, religion  or private policy is not necessary to be speak on during first date. You might have speak on them online but when you meet make it excluded, what you must be after is to make the first meeting an interactive and fun meeting.

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5.) Be careful using body language : Do you probably know how sensitive  is whom you are meeting?, Do you know your body speaks?, control your body langue. He/she is telling you his/her past, serious  the relationship  is going to look like you are checking your wrist watch, are you telling  him/her you dont have time?. Or you sharing  you thought and slighty  looking to his/her face making eye contact and slighty rubbing his/heg this is a positive body language telling him/her to have intercourse. This point is necessary  while meeting your first date online.

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