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How to have a successful first date with a Woman




How to have a successful first date with a Woman

First impression last longer, as a man creating  your first impression for a woman makes your relationship  with her become a very successful one.  When a woman  agree to go for a first date with you what are the plans you should  have ahead to make your date with her a successful one ;


1.) Be Earlier than she thinks : Getting there is a great but not too early, Spending  an half hour before she arrives  is a waste of time. But get there 5 to 10 minutes  before she gets there. Meeting you there as a man makes her feel special. This might forever win her hearth.

2.) Bring up things  you remember about her : Bring up what you remember about her doesn’t mean you bringing  up her bad past. Make her remember the positive aspect of her. This is like you caring  for her. you’ll show her that you care to know more about her interests or career.


3.) Ask her questions  about her self : You will ask her about herself, asking her her favorite color, favorite  dish, where she loves to visit, Her hobby, Her favorite  fashion e.t.c.Show an active interest in her, and she’ll be impressed that you care to know more about her.

4.) Compliment Her Outfit : As a man you will show her how much you care about her. Show her you are really in love with what she’s putting even  though it is not good enough  to make compliment on, tell her you are in love with her outfit, Tell her she looks beautiful  with whats she putting  on.


5.) Accepting her Compliment : Of cause when you complement  her outfit she may look a little bit shy but that’s  it she begin ti realize you have good intrest in her. when she compliment you or your outfit accept  her Compliment  with a great smile and appreciating her Compliment. She will love this trust me.

6.) Bring Up a new Idea : She might be of a type that is a little bit shy but bring up an idea, stuff like dancing together, this makes her get attractive  to you without been shy. If she love loves clubbing go with her, if she love playing at the beach go with her, Dates are also a bit of give and take, and indulging her interests will certainly make her feel more attracted to you.


7.) Prepare  A little bit surprise for her : Buy what you know might be very impress a lady or attract a lady towards you. Dont ask what she want cause is she sees you buy what you wanted he might appreciate  it but its not a surprise. Dont ask her what you want but buy what you know it will be impressive  and attractive like bags, Shoes e.t.c this tells her you really care for her.

8.) Be yourself: Show her your  real identity, this is whom you are, what you do for a living, what you like and dislike, your do’s and don’t. This make you yourself.

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