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How To Wash Your Box Braids Hair Without Making It Rough



The fact that your hair is in braids does not preclude you from washing it. Just like you would wash your hair when it is not in a protective style, you must also wash your braided hair to keep it from smelling.

If you intend to wear your braids for more than 8 weeks, you need wash them at least once. This would help to keep your scalp clean and your hair growing faster.

Here’s how to wash your braided hair without wetting it all down and making it harsh. Using elastic hair bands, divide the hair into four or five sections.

Holding one part of braids with one hand and stroking water on the scalp with the other, wet your scalp only. Make a lather with your shampoo in your palms.

Massage the shampoo into your scalp with your fingertips, then cleanse your scalp with your fingertips only.

Bend forward, holding the piece of braids in one hand, and pour the water straight through the scalp to rinse. When you’ve finished washing all of the portions, blot the hair with a towel. Gently oil your scalp and leave your braids down to dry.

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