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How You Can Perfectly Mix and Match Ankara Prints



Recently, a friend sent me a conversation she had with another of our friends. She had read one of our posts and went to his DM to argue with him that a picture she saw on this site was a fashion blunder. This guy who knows little about fashion had to forward the screenshots to me. And he asked me if mixing different Ankara prints was wrong as the other girl opined

I educated him on bending fashion norms to present to his friend because we are always of the opinion that there are no particular rules in fashion. She read it and rebutted it once more. Her mother, she claims, told her that mixing prints was a bad idea.


“Her mother” is the essential phrase here. This young lady overlooked the reality that, in most cases, what is incorrect in one generation may be correct in the next. Every day, people mix prints. They, too, are dressed in mismatched footwear.

Who are you to say they breached a regulation when they do it in such a way that the end result is eye candy? After all, weren’t rules made to be disobeyed in the first place?


However, there is a stipulation:

It all depends on your skill to make something appealing to the eye.


It’s not a fashion faux pas to mix and match different Ankara prints. And, as a great believer in fashion freedom, I believe you should be allowed to experiment and wear whatever you choose.

When you mix and combine different Ankara prints correctly, you end up with something pleasing to the eye. That’s why we’re putting this up today.


Take a look at these fantastic mixes below.




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