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Human Rights Lawyer, Mike Ozekhome Says Buhari Has Completely Ruined Nigeria 



President Muhammadu Buhari, according to Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, has ruined Nigeria.

Buhari has failed in his three policies, which he campaigned on and won in 2015: economy, security, and anti-corruption, according to the senior lawyer.


On the topic of Nigerian School Children; Insecurity and Human Rights, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria addressed at a human rights lecture in Abuja organized by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA.

Many children are unable to attend school, according to him, and more than 70% of school-age children in Nigeria are not registered.


Between December 2020 and now, over 700 pupils have been kidnapped from Jangebe to Chibok, and from Dapchi to Kaduna, he claims, with some of them dead or forced into marriage.

“They weren’t kidnapped in the woods; they were kidnapped from their classrooms.
Kidnappers in Kaduna requested sacks of rice, vegetable oil, salt, beans, and other condiments to cook for their children until they received enough money to release them on ransom,” Ozekhome bemoaned.


He went on to declare that Nigeria is currently a failed state that isn’t really a country, citing non-state entities like Boko Haram, bandits, and other terrorists as having the strength to confront the government.

“Does that count as a country?” says the narrator. Do any of you have kids in hostels or dorms that sleep with their eyes closed? Don’t know when they’ll attack again? He enquired further.


“When President Muhammadu Buhari ran for this office, he…

My President is someone I like, but I don’t agree with his leadership style or policies.


“Politics that have resulted in the impoverishment of Nigeria. Policies that have propelled Nigeria past India as the poorest country on the planet. Policies that allowed Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy until 2015, to surpass South Africa and become one of the world’s seven fastest growing economies.

“His three-pronged programs addressed the economy, security, and anti-corruption. The bad news is that he has utterly failed in every single one of them.


Currently, security is decreasing… Despite the presence of Boko Haram, people were able to vote for him in 2015, and he won in the North East, proving that, while Boko Haram existed, it was not so widespread as to prohibit people from voting.

“Boko Haram has completed its education and is now flaunting its accomplishments like a proud peacock. As armed banditry has grown, kidnapping has become the norm. In terms of security, he has failed miserably.



“In terms of economics, we are now the world’s poverty capital, as I’ve already mentioned.
How about anti-corruption initiatives? Check it out: Transparency International ranks us 168th out of 180 countries.


“We are West Africa’s third most corrupt country. So, how has Nigeria benefited from the President and his administration? Anyone who can hold the Holy Quran or the Holy Bible, or if you’re an atheist, pick up a piece of Sango Iron, and declare their lives are better off today than they were in 2015, I challenged Nigerians on television and in my article.

“I challenge the individual to a national debate, but no one has accepted because everyone recognizes something is wrong. The deaf can hear it, the dumb can speak it, the blind can see it, and the numb can feel it.


“It makes no difference if you belong to the APC, PDP, APGA, Labour, Zenith, or PPA. Hunger is unconcerned about strike action, religion, or nationality. Whether Muslims or Christians, atheists, old men, women, adolescents, or children, the truth is that things are horrible for everyone.

” Things are bad, and they are only going to grow worse unless Nigerians join together and get back to work. Nigeria, some believe, is a failing state, but I disagree. I do not concur with you.


“With all due respect, Nigeria is a failing state in my opinion. Do you see why this is so? It’s because when non-state actors like Boko Haram, kidnappers, and armed bandits have effective and proportionate powers to match state actors like security forces, it’s one of the most telling symptoms of a failed state. That is the definition of a failing state.

“When Boko Haram, bandits, and kidnappers tell the government, ‘This is what we want,’ the government must respond. Taking seizing territories and planting flags, as Governors Zulum of Borno State and Bello of Niger State have shouted out, demanding taxation, issuing identity cards, and allowing people to pass.


“We don’t need any more confirmation that the state is broken. It’s not about whether you like or dislike a regime; it’s about telling it like it is. Nigerians, please go back to the drawing board. Bring as many helicopters and fighter jets as can, for the problem is far larger than you can see.

“Because it appears unstable on the surface, but underneath there is social unfairness and a lack of egalitarianism…


Because Lord Lugard did not neatly wrap Nigeria on January 1, 1848, it is unsteady, gobbling, and fumbling.

“It all started on January 8, 1897, when Lady Flora Luise Shaw wrote an article in the Economic Times in which she coined the term “Niger Area” to describe Nigeria. We also decided to share a home.
And, if we agree, let us live in peace and harmony. ‘Nigeria is indivisible; it is unbreakable,’ we should not always declare. We don’t express it out loud; we cultivate it. Pakistan and India, as well as Eritrea and Ethiopia, Sudan and Southern Sudan, were once one country. As a result, you can’t just express it; you must cultivate it.


“Peace and social fairness are required… We’re discussing about the current state of peace and social justice. A sermon was delivered by Chief M.K.O Abiola… Nigeria should be restructured and reengineered. Let us draft ourselves a new charter. A legally binding constitution that is indigenous, owned by the people, respected by all.

“Not the constitution established by the government of General Abdusalam Abubakar as they returned to the barracks,” they said. How many of you are aware that Nigeria held elections in 1999 without a constitution? Nigerians did not create the constitution, but even if we do, Section 14 of that constitution states that the primary purpose of the government is to provide welfare and security for the people; do we have it?”



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