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“I have found myself praying that God should remove President Buhari”, Bishop Wale Oke says




The National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Francis Wale Oke, revealed that he has started praying for the removal President Buhari.


The clergyman made this shocking statement during one of his services as he stated that the president has failed woefully in his Presidential duties. He went on to condemn the President’s incompetency and failed security apparatus. He went on to question whether one cannot revolt against the government when it is impotent and ineptitude.

According to Bishop Oke, Nigeria didnot record as many killings, massacre and bloodshed during the civil war as it is recording now; as the rate of deaths continues to multiply.



He said while speaking to his congregation:


” In the 1960s when Nigeria fought civil war, Eastern part of the nation was the theatre of war. Sadly today, everywhere in Nigeria is filled with killings and blood shed.

Some wicked people kidnapped some students and demanded N800m for their release; they killed them. The government could not lift a finger and you are telling me that the President has not failed? Bihari has failed!!


For the first time, I have found myself praying that God should remove Buhari. They kidnapped students and the government could not do anything and you are telling me that the government has not failed?

Are you saying we can not move against an incompetent government whose security apparatus has collapsed.


I am not afraid of anybody. I am not! I am the prophet of the Most High, He watches over me. No bullet of the enemy can kill me; I can’t die in the hands of men”.

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