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“If you don’t have a house, perhaps you shouldn’t buy luxury cars or wear designers”,Reno Omokri says



Outspoken Presidential aide to Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has advise people on how to spend their money.

The knowledgeable author admonished people to stop spending their wealth on luxury cars, clothes, shoes and accessories as these things are fleeting and could lead a man to poverty.


He went on to call out boys who call themselves big boys but still live in a rented apartment, he described them as been Fools and urged them to get wisdom. He made it clear to them that BIG BOYS do not rent house or cars.

He disclosed that a lot of celebrities are living from Hands to Mouth now because they spent their money unwisely. Rather than make investments, they lavish their wealth on material things which leaves them broke.


He schooled them that there is a thin difference between poverty and wealth, and any man who doesn’t know the difference between these two will live in penury.

He further urged them to know the difference between wants and needs as choosing the wrong one can cause them a lot.


He tweeted:

You drive a better car, use a better phone, and wear more expensive clothes than your landlord, and you think you are a big boy? You should pray for wisdom. Big boys don’t RENT luxury houses and BUY luxury cars. That is the luxury of big fools!!”.



In other news,  the author stated that poverty is a choice. He revealed this via his Twitter page, when he stated that he sponsored himself through school.


To him, everyone is given a choice and it is left to them to decide on which to stick with. He admonished his followers to strive hard so they wouldn’t wallow in lack.

Using himself as an example, he revealed how he sold rabbits to pay his Law School fees.


He wrote:

In 1998, I was preparing for Law School and did not want my parents to pay my fees. I bought a male and female rabbit. The way their population increased shocked me. I sold rabbits to pay my school fees. Almost all adults poverty is a choice”.



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