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Important things you should avoid during your engagement



Important things you should avoid during your engagemensee



So it’s that time in your life when you’re all set to embark upon a new journey with someone you love and adore! However, as you must have rapidly discovered, it’s not just that. It involves a long process of rituals… an engagement being one of them. If the thought of wearing that engagement ring on your ring finger gives you butterflies in the tummy (why won’t it, anyway?) but makes you equally nervous, it maybe because you’re confused as to what you want for yourself or your significant other. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind before shopping for your engagement ring!

Time to get a little realistic! We know that this is a huge deal for you, but streamlining your expenses as to how much you can really spend on a particular aspect of a wedding is equally important. So, choose brands that fall under your budget without compromising on the quality. Seems like an impossible task, but trust us, it’s not! Research well when it comes to jewellers and hunt as much as you can. Don’t be lazy and pick up the engagement ring from the first store you see


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