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Insecurity : Buhari Asked To Identify, Arrest Sponsors Of “Unknown Gunmen” Immediately



President Muhammadu Buhari and the south-eastern governors have been encouraged by the Southern and Middle-Belt Alliance (SaMBA) to identify and apprehend the sponsors of the region’s “unknown gunmen” as soon as possible.

The group, in a statement released on Monday and signed by its spokesman, Prince Rwang Pam Jnr., urged Buhari to take immediate action to address the mounting threat of violence in Anambra and the rest of the South-East.


While applauding the Nigerian Army’s proactive approach to insecurity as it prepares to launch three security drills across the country dubbed “Golden Dawn,” “Enduring Peace,” and “Still Water,” SaMBA cautioned soldiers to display restraint and protect civilians’ human rights.

“Recent operations of the so-called “Unknown Gunmen” in Anambra state and the South-East in recent weeks call for worry among peace-loving Nigerians, as the Federal government has failed in its responsibilities to protect residents’ lives and property,” the statement adds.


“Numerous lives have been lost, and government and private property worth billions of Naira have been destroyed.

“Every person has a right to life, and no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, except in the execution of a court sentence in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria,” according to Section 33 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution (as amended).


Similarly, Section 14 (2b) stipulates that “the primary goal of government shall be the welfare and security of the citizens.”



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