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Italians Who Use English Words in Official Communications Face Fines



Italian politicians are considering introducing new legislation that could result in fines of up to €100,000 ($108,705) for those who use foreign words in official communications, particularly English words, which the draft states “demeans and mortifies” the Italian language.

Italy Introduces Legislation to Fine Those Who Use English Words in Official Communications
Giorgia Meloni

The bill requires anyone who holds an office in public administration to have “written and oral knowledge and mastery of the Italian language.” It also prohibits the use of English in official documentation, including “acronyms and names” of job roles in companies operating in the country.

The proposed law would also require foreign entities to have Italian language editions of all internal regulations and employment contracts. The legislation has yet to be debated by parliament, but if it is passed, individuals and companies that violate the law could be fined between €5,000 ($5,435) and €100,000 ($108,705).


Italian Culture Ministry would establish a committee whose remit would include “correct use of the Italian language and its pronunciation” in schools, media, commerce, and advertising. This would mean that the use of incorrect pronunciation, such as “bru-shetta” instead of “bru-sketta,” could be considered a punishable offense.

The proposed law is part of the government’s efforts to protect Italian culture and heritage, including the country’s cuisine. The government has introduced legislation to ban synthetic or cell-based cuisine, citing a lack of scientific studies on the effects of synthetic food, as well as “to safeguard our nation’s heritage and our agriculture based on the Mediterranean diet,” according to Meloni’s Health Minister Orazio Schillaci.


The Italian government has also entered Italian cuisine into candidacy for UNESCO World Heritage Site status, which will be decided in December 2025. Overall, the Italian government is making an effort to preserve the country’s language and culture in the face of globalization and modernization.

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