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Kwara CAN sets agenda for governorship candidate 



The Kwara Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has advocated an inclusive governance along all ethno-religious groups in the state.

 The association gave the admonition at a stakeholders dialogue with gubernatorial candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), Alhaji Yakubu Gobir, at the CAN headquarters in Ilorin. 


Speaking, at the forum.the Chairman Kwara state CAN, Rt. Rev. Sunday Timothy Adewole, said, “current and past administrations have been insincere in fulfilment of promises made to Christian folk and become inaccessible after getting into office. We are mostly disregarded as a minority, for instance Gobir and the YPP are the only political players to consult us in the run-up to the 2023 elections.” 

He added that the christian group are Keely watching the political atmopshere of all political parties and only party that has interest of Christianity at hand will be given all necessary supports 


He also advised all political parties to ensure issues based campaign and desist from.campaing of coloummy and personality attacked

In his response, the YPP gubernatorial candidate congratulated the body on the inauguration of its new executive council, while reiterating his commitment towards a Kwara that prioritizes inclusiveness .


“Before we are male, female, Christians, Muslims, Yorubas or Fulanis, we are first human. We are diverse in our beliefs, methodologies and backgrounds; but ultimately committed in soul and spirit towards the advancement of a Kwara state that serves us all,” he said.

Among the top agitations for the Christian body is the inadequate religious representation in public office; and clashes among Muslims and Christians on the use of hijab in mission schools which led one death and several injuries during protests staged earlier this year.


Gobir further stated that his administration would be reflective of the religious diversity which is currently evident in the YPP structure.  

“CAN is an organisation which any government looking to succeed must consult and partner with. 


“Religion is not a tool of political manipulation and the place of meritocracy cannot be disregarded. We will find the Christians who can deliver the job and ensure they are a part of the new government,” he said.

The session ended with a prayer for the success of the YPP candidate led by Rev. S.T. Adewole and representatives of the CAN executive council.