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List of Mixture Food that are dangerous to your health



List of Mixture Food that are dangerous to your health

Your health depends on what you take  into your body. Your food might be healthier and good to eat but what matter most is how you mix what you eat together and at the right time to eat them. Here are the list of Mixture  of food you have to take note of ;


1.) Beans And Garri :- Beans is a very good food and a very  high proteins  food with strong fiber and it produces  white and red blood cell to human body system.. And also Garri is an high  carbohydrate food that gives human strength  and makes the bone and muscle become strong.

Effect of Cyanide in garri which is an organic acid in nature is that it can lead to intestinal issues, and can worsen the situation of an ulcer patient. The dangerous  part of this food is that when it is eaten lately it highs the isotinic part of your cell and very dangerous for an ulcer patient cause it causes heart failure when taken lately  at night. Taken this food Mixture around 10 to 11pm can make an ulcer patient been black out which may be impossible  to be rescued or probably survive it.

2.) Bread and Butter :  most people take bread and butter as a breakfast food, yeah it is a good mixture food good for body system. Bread is a carbohydrate food and butter is fat and oil. Bread is so delicious in which 80% of human consume it. It is serve and sold several place such as restaurants, bakery , eatery and canteen.


When you consume this butter, the presence  of glycerin in butter. Due to the presence  of. Butter in bread as well the content of glycerin become high in which increase the sugar level. This food is most dangerous for diabetics patient cause if the sugar level increase this is a great danger. And it’s important to keep in mind that as your blood sugar levels rise, this can potentially lead to an increased risk of second stage diabetes. And the effect of taking this fiid mixture is that you put on weight. You keep weighing more than you’ve ever thought of.

3.) Bread and Fish :-  fish is a proteins food. It’s filled with essential nutrients, like 3 fatty acids, and is a great source of protein to keep your body lean and your muscles strong. According to a review published in the American Journal of Cardiology, fish consumption is associated with a lower risk of fatal and total coronary heart disease.

This food is harmful to  pregnant  women due to presence of phosphorus and glycerin in bread. Fish contain of vitamin  D and Vitamin B12. High level of taking phosphorus, Vitamin B12 and glycerin can damage the brain and the nervous  system. Though taking  fish alone give more vitamin to body system and enable growth. Eating fish alone is good for pregnant women. But the mixture of bread and fish can damage the nervous system. This food is not also good for the health of children. This food can damage the white blood cell of the children which reduce the growth children.


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