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LP governorship candidate in Gombe cautions against money politics




The governorship candidate of the  Labour Party (LP), in Gombe state, Hon Keftin Amuga, Tuesday cautioned the people of the state to shun money politics which past governments and parties in the state have used to lure, and abandon them to their fate.


Hon Amuga, a former member of the House of Assembly in the old Bauchi state in 1992, advised the people of Gombe state to accept and adopt the politics of issues being canvassed by the LP which would shape their future and destiny.

The LP gubernatorial candidate who stated this at a press briefing in Abuja, urged the electorate in the state to reject those he called “age long oppressors” by embracing and voting for the LP.


According to him, only the principles of LP would “your future and that of the generation yet unborn will be secured and guaranteed”.

The ex lawmaker assured that if voted into office as the next Governor of Gombe state, his administration would tackle the state’s internal and external security problems as well as the political issues under a-four point agenda including the pursuit of justice, equity and fairness in the conduct of government affairs.


He noted with sadness that since the creation of Gombe state 26 years ago, the institutionalised practice of discrimination against the citizens of the state on the basis of place of origin, ethnicity and religious beliefs by the two major political parties of PDP and APC that have ruled Gombe state ever since has been entrenched.

Continuing, the LP gubernatorial candidate said, “the discrimination is so much structured and practised by both the PDP and APC that have ruled the state for the past 26 years that citizens are even discriminated against in the administration of “N” Power and other poverty alleviation interventions.


“Infact, appointments in both political and civil service in the state and Federal Governments depend on who you are, where you come from and one’s faith.

“This sustained apartheid policy adopted by both the PDP and APC has made it impossible for our youths to be gainfully employed by the government except for their political surrogates”, he lamented.


Amuga, however, assured that “the Labour Party government in Gombe State will address the issue of injustices affecting the various ethnic nationalities, including also the Tangale chieftaincy matter and restore justice, equity and fairness to the affected”.