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Mind-Blowing Ankara And Plain Material Combination Styles To Inspire You



Life has a way of making us bored with the things we enjoy doing. It’s no surprise that experts encourage us to act differently when things appear to be going wrong. Consider the combination of ankara and simple fabric.

I’m quite sure whoever came up with the idea was sick of wearing only ankara prints all the time. They wanted something new, but not too dissimilar to the original. They desired something that would complement their outfits rather than detract from them.


Whenever they combined ankara with a plain material, the result was mind-blowing and magazine-worthy. That’s what you’ll see when you read this article.

Styles that combine ankara and simple materials in mind-blowing ways that will have your wardrobe bursting at the seams like a runway. Have I already piqued your interest in Ankara fashion?


Do you want to spice up your ankara ensembles? Combine them with basic fabrics to create a unique look. They’re the ideal way to give your African fabrics a new lease on life.

Plain textiles are a safer option if you don’t want to mix different ankara prints since you’re afraid to.
You won’t have to worry about going overboard because plain materials, as we all know, are delicate and unobtrusive. They go with any print, regardless of how busy it is.


Use these tips to create an ankara and simple material combination:

  1. Choose your Ankara fabric.

The main costume is made of ankara cloth. Unless you wish to make ankara patches out of plain fabric, you should first choose the ankara you want to work with. The remaining steps will fall into place once you’ve completed that.

2. Pay attention to the finer points.


What are the most prominent colors and patterns of your African textile? This is important to remember because it will decide the color of plain materials you should employ.



3. Furthermore, you are not limited to a single color.
With two plain fabrics in various colors, you may make a gorgeous ankara and plain fabric combo. After that, make sure the color complements and enhances the attractiveness of your ankara cloth.

4. Make a decision on the main fabric type.


Not every fabric complements the ankara print. Silk, crepe, denim, net, lace, and other typical fabrics are available.

Go ahead and buy the fabric you want to use for this combination once you’ve decided on it.



5. Select a Look


Would you prefer ankara on one sleeve and plain on the other? Or would you prefer to use your simple material around the bodice and ankara for the rest? To show off the originality you see in your mind’s eye, you’ll need to choose a nice style. You can choose from a variety of ankara and simple combo styles.







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