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‘Money isn’t happiness’ – BBNaija’s Mercy says, as she declares why she hates life



Former Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality television star, and ex-housemate, Mercy Chinenyenwa Eke said money isn’t happiness.

The reality TV star, who won the Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem show in 2019 stated this in a recent tweet she posted via her verified Twitter platform on July 2nd.


“Money is not happiness…. I hate this life”, Mercy posted.

Mercy Eke’s post seems to be sending a message concerning the reality TV star’s mood at that point in time. She may have been going through some trying times, which has linked a depressing mood to her neural state.

It may equally be that Mercy Eke decided to share the post in order to see how her followers and social media users are going to react.


However, Twitter users took to Mercy’s comment section to share some views concerning the reality TV star’s post.

A user identified as Ebuka stated that using himself as example, money is one entity that will give him happiness, even though it can change later.


“At this stage of my life, money is the core entity that will give me happiness. It can change later on but at this stage of my life, money is the core entity that will give me happiness”.

The next commenter wrote that most people reacting to Mercy’s post are busy asking her for money, when in actual sense, it might be that she’s having a hard time.


@Steve_robert221: “You all are busy saying wire me money this and that, nobody is sending love, light and prayers to her way. She might be passing through stuff that money cannot fix… God in his infinite mercy will show you mercy and correct hat wish bothers you amen”.

The user continued that money is actually good, but the fact remains that money can’t solve everything.


@Steve_robert221: “Anyone that says money is not good is an hypocrite but the bitter truth still remains money cannot solve everything…”

A user, by username Pearly advised Mercy to stay strong because tough times don’t know if a person has money or not, but money only helps to ease the pain by providing the very necessities to life.


Pearly: “Tough times doesn’t know if u have money or not, money only helps to easy the pain by providing the very necessities to life. People bring Happiness. Stay strong Mercy”.

There were many other Twitter users who shared comments on Mercy’s post and their reactions read below.


@Bifechukwu4: “How do I advice you to ensure you are happy. Shaa happiness stems from peace of mind … And no amount of money can buy peace of mind. Comes from within and blooms. Shaa dey alright”.

@SimplyViolet4u: “Of money is happiness then the rich won’t cry my dear… Being alive is enough reason to be happy because it’s another opportunity to try again… Emancipate yourself from mental slavery… Thus said Bob Marley.. Stay blessed”.


@Bongoldeas: “I would still love to make the money first. Cos Money gives you choices, and choices could give you happiness”.

Drizzle: “Lol… You’ve seen the money that’s why… Go ghetto then repeat watin you talk hear as e sound around you. But I understand what you mean though… Nothing is actually happiness if you don’t try to make yourself happy lol.. no substance or material can equate emotions”.


@JjEsteem: “Ahhhhhhhhhh Money is not happiness? And you have the money yet you aren’t happy? What of people that aren’t happy and still don’t have the money,then they na have multi problems all burned choked, just one person oo, please give me money make atleast one of my problem solve”.

@BigVee_O: “I’m disappointed from what I’m seeing in the comment section,y’all said we should take mental health serious cause depression is real and on this tweet It seems this woman is being depressed and 80% of you all are sending insults and asking for money instead of sending her…”


@BigVee_O: “Love and light . I hope you all won’t come and shout on this twitter (No cyber bullying) when she does something crazy to herself. I know she’s none of your business cause she isn’t a family to you, but if you can’t encourage her don’t bash her”.

Adenike: “If money is not happiness maybe you should go back to being poor, that’s when you will know what happiness means, money doesn’t guarantee happiness but there is joy when you know that you don’t have to depend on anyone before you take care of your basic needs”.


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