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I know you might be wondering why such post!

On May 9,America and other countries would mark another Mothers Days.


The US always celebrates their mothers day on the second Sunday of every year in the month of May; and as you all know we love America and love to imitate them, hence, the reason why we always join them in celebrating theirs. Besides, a day is never enough to celebrate our dynamic and exceptional moms.

For me, I never got the chance to celebrate my mum in March because i was caught off guard. But now, I am so prepared to surprise her and am sure many of you are like me who didn’t get a chance to wish our mind happy mothers day. Now is another opportunity to wish those unique women a Happy Mothers Day.

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Mothers Day is a celebration in honour of our Matriarch – the mothers of the family. Their undiluted love, selfless services, hard-works and prayers for us needs to be appreciated. The highly anticipated day is held to pay tribute to motherhood, maternal bonds and the great influence of mothers in the society. Your mothers could include your wives, grandmothers, great grandmothers, step mothers, godmothers, mother in law, and any woman thay plays a motherly role in your life.


One of the hardest part of this day is sourcing the perfect gift for your mums. If you are thinking of what to give your wife or mother, then you are on the right track, as I have compiled a list of different gift items to surprise them with.

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These gift boxes contains different types of cosmetics, fruits, toiletries, kitchen wares etc to give your mom. From toiletries to perfumes, make up kits, creams, fruits, stockings, cards, teddy bears, slippers, fancy tea cups; the list is endless!


Before you browse my top Mothers Day picks, think about that thing your mum has been pestering you for or constantly talking about and make it a priority to get it for her at it will lighten up her day. Know that your mum is the real MVP, so never stop spoiling her.

Below are the beautiful items you can get for your Queen,

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Now is the season to show your mum how much you love and appreciate her efforts, so what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest store near you to purchase a gift for her today!!!