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“My mum and I Perfomed The Sacrifice” Pastor confesses



You have shown interest in issues affecting Entrepreneurs. What inspired this?


The Bureau of Statistics in Nigeria says Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) contribute 48% of the national GDP, account for 96% of businesses, and 84% of employment. With a total number of about 17.4 million, SMEs account for about 50% of industrial jobs and nearly 90% of the manufacturing sector in terms of the number of enterprises. However, despite the significant contribution of SMEs to the Nigerian economy, challenges persist that hinder the sector’s growth and development.

However, the sector’s other challenges include lack of required human capital and skilled personnel, the multiplicity of taxes, and the high cost of doing business. Hence, I believe there is a there is need to conduct a solution backed assessment and workshops for SMEs in Nigeria with the aim of coaching and helping the founders and the principal officers of the business develop their leadership and management competencies, thereby unlocking the growth and development of the sector in Nigeria. When the leader of a business gets better, the people working in the business get better, and the business gets better too.

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