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Nathaniel Bassey cautions Nigerians in the habit of insulting men of God during football banter



Popular Nigeria Gospel Singer, Nathaniel Bassey, had cautioned Nigerians who are constantly ridiculing and hurling insults at men of God during football banter.

The singer questioned Netizens why they make it difficult for religious leaders to share their opinions on football banter.



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He admonished them not to use their social media platforms to insult men of God as their actions can hurt them in future.

He wrote:


So the fun & friendly football banters we share here has, for some, become a reason to insult and ridicule “Nigerian Pastors?”. How sad. What has being a Nigerian Pastor got to go with a football game? Okay then, we’ll just keep it at music and ministry so folks don’t sin.

Being on Twitter and Social Media doesn’t mean you should throw away decorum and respect for people. Folks forget life can be interesting. And your actions can indeed hunt you later. You don’t know where you’d meet people tomorrow. Please let’s act with care even on Twitter.


Why do folks think pastors should not related on such levels? They are the reason ministers of the gospel appear to put up a mystical font. I grew up watching football. So is it wrong to share some of these moment here? It is well o. Happy Sunday people”.


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