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Nearly Everyone Smokes, Not Legalising Cannabis In Nigeria Is The Height Of Hypocrisy – Burna Boy



Burna Boy, a popular Nigerian music musician, has stated that hypocrisy is the reason marijuana has yet to be legalized in Nigeria.

Marijuana (commonly known as pot) is still illegal in Nigeria, but this hasn’t stopped some people from using it.


During an interview with Home Grown Radio in Los Angeles, Burna Boy stated that everyone in Nigeria smokes pot but does not want to be seen with it.

The Grammy-winning musician also stated that misconceptions about marijuana are another reason it is not allowed in Nigeria.


Legalizing marijuana, he claims, is a taboo subject that few people want to discuss, despite the fact that many people use it.

When asked about legalizing marijuana in Nigeria, Burna stated, “It’s not a zero-tolerance policy.” It’s as though everyone does it, but no one wants to be seen talking about it. There’s a lot of hypocrisy out there.


“They attempt to make it appear like if you smoke pot in Nigeria, you’ll go insane.” “Everyone smokes it; it’s simply a taboo subject,” Burna Boy explained.

“No one wants to talk about it; everyone is cool with it.” Nobody wants to make it a thing to advocate for marijuana legalization,” he continued.


Burna Boy stated that he enjoys visiting Los Angeles because pot is legal in the state and the best strains can be purchased in the city.



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