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“Nigerian Female Artists Are Frustrating”



25-year-old singer, Uwaye Annette Eigbedion, popularly known as Waye, is one artiste to watch out for. The Kano born singer started out professionally in 2013, with six singles out and planning to unveil a project soon with her 5sqaud team signed under Clarence Peters. In this interview with SAMPSON UNAMKA, Waye speaks on her music, being a fashion stylist, an influencer, among other issues.××

How did music begin for you?


I started by performing other people’s songs and writing my own songs.This I did mostly in English and Literature class. From then, I started doing random features, until I got to school (university) and won an Airtel rap battle in my 100 level. After winning the competition, some final year students came to meet me and told me I had talent.

Afterwards, a guy called Papi Dee started taking me to studios, where I started doing music professionally and putting out my works.


But professionally, I started music in 2013. I started off as a rapper and dropped my first single that same year.

 How long have you been in the Nigerian industry?


Five years and still counting.

 What is your kind of music?


I make Afro pop mostly and a lot of other genre because I’m versatile. I wouldn’t like to put my music style in a box. But I can describe it as Afro pop. I recorded a lot of music recently, and I think I would have to come up with something else, maybe.

How many singles, albums?


I have done six singles, but no album yet.

 Do you think you will make impact with your new song?


Yes, I think so. I think the song is different but very relatable. It’s an alternative beat and infused with Yoruba too. It’s a simple yet deep love song, and I know everyone especially girls have experienced love. It was me sharing my own experience, and I was true to myself. So, I think I am really going to impact a lot of people because the song is relatable. I love this song so much because my friend, Esbee, who is one of the best producers I know, produced it. And recording with him was so comfortable because I started my music with him. Focus Ramon, the mix and master engineer, is one of the best I know too. He did a wonderful job on the mix. So, I was so sure about this particular song.

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