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Pastor Adeboye Says He Will Take Covid-19 Vaccine Only On One Condition



On October 2, 2021, the well revered man of God was preaching in the early hours of Saturday morning at the monthly Holy Ghost Night.

Adeboye stated that he had no objections to the COVID-19 vaccination, but that he will only take it if it is required for evangelism.


He did, however, advise members of his congregation who were interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination to do so.

“I never told you not to be vaccinated; you never heard me say that. Get immunized instead of living in fear or doubt. If you believe that getting vaccinated will give you peace of mind, go ahead. Are you saying, Daddy, that you might get vaccinated as well? If there are countries in the globe where I am unable to visit to proclaim the gospel due of vaccination restrictions, I will go to any length for Jesus Christ.


“If vaccination is going to prevent me from completing the task that God has called me to do, I will be vaccinated ten times,” Adeboye stated.

Adeboye went on to say that he is willing to do everything for the gospel, including getting the vaccine.



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