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PHOTOS: Diane Keaton Features In Justin Bieber’s New Music Video, Wearing Her Own Clothes



In his new music video for “Ghost,” Justin Bieber plays an adoring grandchild. Following his grandfather’s death, the singer reconnects with his grandma, taking lengthy walks along Ventura Beach with her, updating her dating profiles, and taking her out for a night of cocktails and dancing.



It’s a nice narrative in and of itself, but his imaginary grandmother is played by none other than Oscar winner Diane Keaton—the chicest grandmother anyone could ask for.

No music video, especially one with a heartfelt message, would be complete without some eye candy.
Keaton, an eccentric style icon in her own right, brought her own costumes (and hats!) to the shoot.
“The costumes were representative of my style because they were mine,” Keaton laughs.



“Some of the outfits are from my wardrobe. “I had some great Gucci items.” In one scenario, Keaton and Bieber are seen traveling together in a Corvette convertible. Keaton is dressed elegantly in a checked Gucci coat, while Bieber is dressed in an Aimé Leon Dore bomber jacket and Marni jeans. “That coat is a total game changer for me.


“It’s my favorite,” Keaton says. “A coat is the best thing in the world for someone like myself, who is a little strange. Let’s face it: I’m willing to admit that I’m a little strange.”

Bieber buys Keaton a new clothing and takes her out on the town in another scenario. Justin is dressed in a vintage rugby top and Balenciaga pants, while Keaton is dressed in her own stylish Comme des Garçons coat with an extra-wide belt (a Keaton signature). Even the darker moments have a sophisticated appearance.



Bieber wears a Saint Laurent suit to his grandfather’s burial, while Keaton wears a black Louis Vuitton jacket. Keaton wears her distinctive dramatic chapeaus throughout, including favorites by Nick Fouquet, Thom Browne, and Mark Baron. “I don’t count my hats,” she admits, “but I’ve preserved all of my old hats.” “A hat is a buddy to me.”

Aside from the amazing costumes, it’s evident that Keaton and Bieber have a natural chemistry in the video. Keaton goes on to say that the singer was a relaxed collaborator. “He’s completely charming,” she remarks. “When we were strolling into the ocean, he had to have his arm around me….


If I felt like hugging him, I would. He was shackled to me. “I kept thinking to myself, ‘Oh, this poor guy.’”
Surely, it was all Bieber’s joy.



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