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Read Pastor Adeboye’s Fresh Prophecy On The Future Of Nigeria



Pastor Adeboye has issued a new prophecy about Nigeria’s future and how the country will overcome its current challenges and triumph.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, cleverly joined the raging controversy over Nigeria’s rising debt profile on Sunday without making his position on the matter public.


However, the pastor, sounding sarcastic, quoted an unnamed friend who, he said, kept thanking God whenever he heard about the nation’s debt profile rising.

He claimed that his friend’s argument was that Nigeria’s countless creditors would be praying for the country’s survival so that they could collect their money back.


Adeboye told the crowd, which included Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, and other top government officials, that if he had been told that the service was also commemorating the nation’s independence anniversary, he would have opted out of preaching.

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He claimed that the only information on the invitation he received was that it was for the CAN anniversary.


He stated:

“I have a friend with whom I went to school at the same time and who was born about the same time as me. He is a tremendous believer in the future. When we told him Nigeria owed N55 trillion, he responded, “Praise the Lord,” and when I asked why, he said, “There are many people praying for Nigeria, and the creditors know that if Nigeria doesn’t exist, they won’t be able to collect their money back.”


“When he learned that the interest we have to pay on our debt is 98 percent of our income, and that the Senate has approved us borrowing more, he exclaimed, ‘Glory to God.’

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“How would you declare glory to God?” I asked. ‘When you owe more than you can pay, the creditors have an option,’ he said. Either they will forgive your debts or you will have to file for bankruptcy.
They become enraged, and then they come and seize your most important possession.’

“He claimed that the Aso Rock is the most valuable asset they can seize in Nigeria. What is there to thank God for in that, I asked? ‘Have you not been watching the news?’ he asked. He added the President expressed an interest in visiting Daura every two weeks.


“So, if they seize Aso Rock, his (Buhari’s) desire would be granted, and he will no longer have to visit Daura every two weeks,” he stated. He’ll simply transfer the seat of power to Daura.”

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Despite the country’s troubles, Adeboye advised the population to continually thank God, saying that everything would be well.


On his part, Osinbajo stated that despite the challenges the country has faced, certain states in Nigeria had economies larger than 15 African countries.

In his speech, titled “The Vision Undefeated,” he stated that the country’s vision would be realized at the appropriate time, and that the country’s current issues would not overwhelm it.


“Since then, we have become Africa’s most educated and entrepreneurial people,” he remarked.
At least 15 big African countries have economies larger than ten of our 36 states.”



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