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No man has the power to run away from his shadows, your shadows will always follow you. It is a common saying that “One cannot outrun his shadow”, all attempt to to that will eventually be futile.


Pretence is not an exception to this, as it is quite synonymous with shadow, it follows a man from cradel to the grave. Many youths of this generation have gotten so emassed with pretence. They live behind FAKE LIFE pretending to be whi they are not. They are like the Chameleon, living multiple lifestyles and having several personalities.



PRETENCE is an act of behaving in a particular way in other to gain people’s validation. It is also an act of acting in certain ways to make people believe something that is not genuine or true.

The pretence of youth can been seen in their various facet of their lives: spiritual, moral, academics, finances etc.


The different stages or types of youth pretence includes:

1) PRETENCE IN SPIRITUALITY : Being spiritual means developing a close fellowship with God, spending time with him by observing “Quiet Time”. Being spiritual goes beyond being a chorister, usher, keyboardist etc, it is more of making His your number one. Today, so many youths pretend to be who they are not. A sister can be behaving too holy in church unknowingly, that she is a runs girl, same also the choir master can be acting all too spiritual but behind closed doors, he smoke and drinks heavily. They call themselves “the church”, but the truth is the church is only passing through them.

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2) PRETENCE IN MORALS : This is one of the bedrock of divorce in marriages today. So many hide their characters, they pretend to be so humble, submissive, patient, loyal and innocent but when you get to know they desire, you find out they are the complete opposite of who they pretend to be. Many out on this garment of moral PRETENCE with the aim of getting what they want. A lady who wants to get married, will behave like she is meek, only for the husband to discover her true colours once they are married. A guy would deceive a lady into getting pregnant for him, but abscond when the baby is born. We also out on this fake character when seeking for a job or trying to get a better network/connection.

3) PRETENCE IN ACADEMICS : Not every youth who claims to be in school are truly in school. Many even go as far as lying about their grades or forging results. The society has also contributed in escalating this pretence as they degrade anyone who has it been to the four walks of a Tertiary Institution. I fell into this category, when I couldn’t gain admission to a University because of my low cut off mark in Jamb. Because of the pressure from society and the stigma of being a Polytechnic student, I had to deceive people by pretending I was in a university in Edo State rather than a polytechnic.

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I can recall when I was in my National Diploma days, there was a coursemate of mine who was asked to redraw drom school because of his low performance, but the guy was still hanging out in the school premises till the semester ended. While his parents think he is school, in reality, the guy just only comes to class to hang out with his friends.

4) PRETENCE IN FINANCES : The Advent of social media has aided a pretence in finances. Many pretend to be worth more than they really are! Many celebrities who we see as role models are living a fake life. The cars, houses, clothes, shoes etc that some of them claim to own are borrowed. The struggle to be tagged as a “Big Girl” and “Big Boy” has led many into illegal and immoral activities. Some ladies we claim they work hard for their money not knowing they are into runs, likewise, guys would pretend that they have an honest job, not knowing they are into Yahoo and Scams.We also mislead people into thinking our parents own properties in a bid to get the other person favour, but all is a fallacy. Everyday we are seeing alit of person been exposes on Social Media for their financial PRETENCE. Hushpuppi, the self acclaimed Gucci Ambassador, who many thought was doing a legit business was discovered to be a scammer and now he has been apprehended. What is the gain in it now? If he would have to live half of his life in prison?

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As Christians and believers of God, I urge you all to say NO to pretence. Let’s learn to be ORIGINAL and be REAL. Always bear it in mind that living a fake life wouldn’t pay in the long run.

Living a double standard life can even make you loose opportunities. Your helper might be beside you, but your fakery would keep them off as they assume you have everything.


Always know that it can destroy your reputation, aspiration and admiration. So take a giant step now before the light is smothered.


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