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Reno Omokri tackles American rapper 50 Cent over the planned movie on Hushpuppi



See reactions that follow Reno Omokri post as 50 Cent set to produce series on Hushpuppi below;


josh2funny: He’s right, 50 cent can even do a movie about the Fastest Reader in the world that’s from Nigeria 🇳🇬.

maryremmynjoku: We tell stories we want to tell. Uncle can tell the good stories if he wants. Pablo Escobar put his country on the map.


teeh_lyfstyle: Reno is right. If you wanna make a movie about Nigeria so bad let it be of good.

ichie_agu1:  US dey act movies both the good and the bad one’s happening to them e reach Nigeria turn una dey claim holy but una no holy! He will act produce the movie and it will sale. Y’all should stop fraud starting from our leaders .


itz_i_bobbytee: Make una calm down, we have tinder swindler, money heist, el chapo, Escobar, 24hrs heist… we all watch it and you all love it lol 😂, now it’s our turn una start to dey write ✍️ notes.

kinky_vee: Reno is absolutely right!!! Many Nigerians doing big positive successfully things around the world but it’s Hushpuppi He wants to make a movie for🙄🤦‍♀️.