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For the first time in my life i never knew what love is,  What definition of love  looks like. I was at the trip to my home town to visit my grandmother, it has been four years i paid her visit. On my way i got her 4 different  type of native dresses, 25 liters of palm oil and prepare 10,000 naira note in an envelope.  The trip was about 6 hours. I  sat beside a man, should i be honest?. This guy is so handsome, fair in complexion huge and fit. At the first sight i love his appearance and his outfit but it was just the appearance not anything else. So this man greeted me and i happily responded. Due to the little feeling  i had for him, i decided  not to let him know, i decided  not to make him realized that i had feelings for him. Inside the bus we sat together  and we are asked to start paying our transport fee. So when paying  this guy mistakenly pass his money to the Conductor taking  the money over my head so i shouted on him but it was intentionally but this guy won my heart by telling me not to be angry. I surely don’t  give  him reply. So the trip was on again. This guy sister called her so the way he talked made me thought he had a lady in her heart i became  jealous  telling  this guy not to spilt on my face that he should talk gently. I knew  this is very annoying but trust me again this guy apologizes  sincerely i felt  embarrassed cause it was obvious everyone looked at me angrily. But i never replied him. I slept off for a when but not knowing  i was resting on his shoulder  bust this guy do not take my head off his shoulder but  i didn’t  realized cause i was fast asleep. “SORRY !” I shouted when i woke up knowing  my head was resting on his shoulder. But he replied softly telling  me its nothing. I decided  to ask his name. He answered i also told him what my name was.  We get along  and talked  to each other, we gisted and laugh together and i further  asked him where is he heading  to fortunately we are going to exact location  i smiled and rejoiced inside me. He requested for my hotline  and i gave him. So he asked me about my children and my husband but i told him i have none and i asked the same question he also has none. So we smiles together. He texted me via message asking  me on a date i loved him but i decided not to show off so i turned down the date sending him back the message. I wanted him to tell me worth his mouth not via the computer. I texted him “Is this how far you can go?”. He understand but later  begged me telling that was the first time of asking a lady out, i was shocked too see how handsome he’s and how old he’s to be his first date. I happily agree to go on a date with him. Though i loved him it was all a show off. This is how i fell in love in a long distance trip.

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